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Experience the true joy of making a great living from what you love in as little as less than 30 days!

Find out why you are not booking roles from your Auditions!

or why you aren't getting auditions to start with!

The Audition! We have broken down the audition process for film actors, highlighting the stages involved from preparation to performance. The audition process is a crucial aspect of an actor's career, as it determines their potential involvement in a film project. By examining the various steps actors undertake, including script analysis, character development, audition techniques, and the performance itself, you'll learn the intricacies and challenges of the film audition process.

Learn the Audition techniques that get you BOOKED! 


  • How to get an Audition – Getting an audition opportunity as an actor requires a bunch of work beforehand to get to the audition room.
  • Scheduling your Audition – Now that you have been selected for an audition...
  • Preparing for the Audition – This involves studying the plot as a whole, identifying the your character's motivations, and understanding the story's...
  • Researching the Character – Research allows actors to create a well-rounded and believable portrayal.
  • ​Building the Character – Learn the 6 essential questions that will help you define your character.
  • Memorizing the Lines – Learn how to do more than memorize words, but how to internalize the message and ideas.
  • Dressing Appropriately - Learn how to look the part!
  • Arrival at your Audition - The logistics of where, when, check-in, and what else to bring.
  • The Waiting Room Experience - Using the waiting time to mentally prepare and warm up can help actors feel more confident.
  • ​The Audition - Owning the room, Establishing Rapport, where to stand...
  • ​Managing Nerves and Anxiety - Auditions can be nerve-wracking experiences, and actors must learn to manage their nerves effectively.
  • ​"I'm not off book!  What do I do?" - It's an audition, not a memorization test.
  • Almost There… - Now that you are in front of the camera, you should be ready to go.
  • ​“Roll Camera” - How to Slate and where to look...
  • Scene Performance - How to deliver Film or TV audition technique.
  • Graciously Exit - How to act like a PRO.
  • Follow-up Etiquette - Actors should adhere to proper follow-up etiquette.
  • ​Additional Readings and Callbacks - They like what they see!  Now what?
  • Handling Rejection - It's not personal!
  • ​Dealing with Competition -  Instead of viewing other actors as rivals, actors can shift their perspective to see them as potential collaborators.
  • Handling Feedback - Actors should be open to constructive criticism...
  • ​Additional Audition Techniques and Situations -Self-tape Auditions, Cold Readings, and Improvisation.
  • Continued Preparation and Training - Even after an auditioning, actors should continue their training and preparation.

Book That Gig Audition Course is INCLUDED with

  • 21 Training Sections: Video and Exercises Included
  • ​Expert Coaching: Learn from experienced actors, Hollywood Stars, and a veteran acting coach!
  • ​Easy Online Access: Learn from anywhere!
  • ​Lifetime Access​: Come back anytime to brush up!
  • ​Private Coaching: ​This course is required to access one-on-one actor mentoring and training sessions.
  • ​Bonus: Download templates and samples to speed up your career development! immediately


Jacquelynne F.

"I wanted to let you know how fantastic the audition videos looked. My agent was thrilled! She said I looked great and that the video was very professional. I GOT A CALLBACK and will be heading to Atlanta to meet with the casting director for another role in the film. In other words, I am extremely grateful for your guidance with the material, your experience, and your encouraging words. I just wanted you to know you helped one more person from Orlando go a step further."

Don't forget this VERY important piece to APPLY what you are learning!

Here's what you get:

When you schedule your Online Actor Evaluation Session, we will help you chose a script to prepare to perform at your session.  You can also use this session as a part of your preparation for a Film, TV, or Commercial audition.

  • ​Where?  Wherever you have a good internet signal and privacy to perform without interruption.
  • How?  Online over Zoom.  
  • ​When?  8-5pm EST - We will connect you with our online scheduling page for you to schedule you session at a time that is convenient for you.

Regular price: $199.00

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Private Coaching Actor Evaluation Session

Schedule a single private actor coaching session with Acting Coach Russ Randall to evaluate your current acting skills and get recommendations for a training program.

  • ​Feedback: Get valuable feedback on your performance and direction on how you can improve.
  • Honesty: Getting honest, professional feedback and direction is difficult for friends and family.  We will politely give you areas to work on that will help you improve.
  • Benefit: Polish your acting skills with a professional acting coach to start landing those gigs!

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