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“I’m so glad to see that you are wanting to move your acting career forward. I’m Russ Randall, veteran actor and professional acting coach and founder of Final Act Drama. Where we help you reach your goals of becoming a professional actor. Looking through the Quick Start Guide (QSG) that you just downloaded will outline what your journey will look like when you decide to take active steps towards your acting career. So what is your next step?

Well, for years I have taught a Start your acting career workshop where we cover the same 10 steps you now have in your QSG, but in more depth and detail. But, I’ve always been limited by the number of people I could teach at one time and by the amount of time I had to teach it. So, what I’ve done is taken that same class, recorded it on video so you can go through the same class on your schedule and at your pace. I believe that ANYONE can be an actor and I’m willing to prove that with YOU! So I am offering you the opportunity to go through the Start your Acting Career Video Workshop at an 80% discount. I’ve never done this before and it won’t stay at that price long, so click the button below that says “Start my Acting Career” to find out how you can start your acting career TODAY!

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